XVIII - Death

Tarot Card Meanings - Death

ending, change, transformation

Even though we usually think of death in a physical sense, it is a continual process that happens on all levels of life. Endings allow for changes and renewal to take place. The archetype of death symbolized by this card indicates that a major phase in your life is coming to an end. Something has served its purpose and is no longer necessary. It could be something that's been holding you back, like limiting thinking, behavioural patterns, unhealthy relationships or just a natural completion of a phase of life. In this case you will welcome this ending. ⁣

But it could also be something that you didn't realize was keeping you stuck, something that maybe you've grown too comfortable in, or an unpleasant situation that you've gotten used to. If this is the case, you'll have to look at this ending from a higher perspective to appreciate its purpose. The major arcana signify higher divine forces that govern life. And this card asks you to trust that such an ending is actually a release of something that was restricting you, in order to liberate you. You are given a chance to fill your life with something fresh and good. And you'll know what that is.⁣⁣

The theme of death is symbolized by the Constellation of the mythological bird Phoenix. The Phoenix is an immortal bird that dies by catching on fire, and is reborn again from its own ashes. It personifies the creative and destructive forces of life, which are two sides of the same coin. ⁣⁣