Tarot Cloth - Silk Lotus

Tarot Cloth - Silk Lotus


Dive into the celestial depths with this gorgeous silky cloth, and surround yourself with light as you read your cards.

A tarot cloth creates an intuitive setting for your Tarot card readings, and looks beautiful when you are doing readings for others. It can also be a stunning backdrop for photos.

This cloth is made of 100% pure silk. It’s soft, light and shows a delicate watercolour painting of a luminescent lotus flower, filled with light and stars. The layers of petals spread out into infinity, each more transparent than the next...

A tarot cloth or altar cloth is great for doing Tarot card readings, working with larger Tarot spreads, and can be used for wrapping and storing the cards. Here is a quick tutorial on how to wrap your cards.


✦  Material: 100% natural silk
✦  Size: 23" x 23" (58cm x 58cm)
✦  Includes: care instructions printed on natural bamboo cardstock

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