The Constellation Tarot Cards

The Constellation Tarot Cards


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The Constellation Tarot is a 78-card deck featuring magical illustrations set against the night sky, full of sparkle and light.

Bring the stars into your hands, and discover the beauty and wisdom of the Tarot with this luminous deck. The little white booklet provides practical, down-to-earth interpretations that can be applied to daily life, as well as for spiritual growth.

The deck includes: 78 cards, a little white book with meanings, and a custom designed tuck box.


✦  The 44-page booklet provides keywords for upright and reversed meanings for each card.
✦  The cards measure 2.57" x 4.75".
✦ Each card is individually illustrated and designed, and printed on smooth high quality card stock.
✦  The card backs are a swirling blend of colours and stars in the universe.

Read more about the deck here.

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