Tarot Card Reading: The Spring Equinox Brings Good Things


Spring is almost here!

The Spring Equinox starts the new year on March 20th and brings in new energy. It's the best time to set your intentions for the year, start new projects, set new goals, and cleanse the old. Most of all - be brave, take risks!

This is the birth of the new year, and you can consciously direct your life in the direction you want. Some things can happen quickly, other things will take their sweet time, but the important thing is to start. So get out of your comfort zone, be bold, or take baby steps if you have to - your future self will thank you <3

Take a look at the Tarot card reading below.

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What do the cards say?

The overall energy is Earth (Pentacles) and Water (Cups). Both work well together to bring material abundance and emotional fulfillment. Each card is full of gifts, prosperity and an appreciation for life, with the promise of new beginnings.

The Knight of Pentacles gives you the persistence and dedication to work on projects that you already had going. They will bring you satisfaction as you watch them grow through your own efforts. Abundance and material fulfillment will surround you (9 of Pentacles) - and although something is still in the works, you will already be enjoying the fruits of your labour. Hard work will bring you fulfillment both materially and emotionally.

The Queen of Pentacles will add an element of emotional depth, flowing love and acceptance. Her gentle energy will come to you through other people, circumstances and from within your own self. She may also inspire your creativity and intuition.

The overall underlying theme of this time is the Page of Cups - a sweet loving energy of new beginnings, new romance and the pure unconditional love of a child. 

The energy of this spring is gentle, loving and hard-working, bringing abundance, material security and emotional satisfaction. Tune in to its flow to benefit from the gifts it can bring you.

Wishing you a magical time!