Tarot Card Meanings: The Bird Cards of the Constellation Tarot

Left to right: the Phoenix, Pavo the Peacock, Columba the Dove

Left to right: the Phoenix, Pavo the Peacock, Columba the Dove

The Constellation Tarot has three cards that are symbolized by constellations of birds. These cards bring change, beginnings, endings, and transformations. Just like a bird that unexpectedly swoops in from the sky, so too do these cards represent changes that are often unexpected and life-transforming. The cards are Columba the Dove (corresponding to the Fool), the Phoenix (representing the Death card) and Pavo the Peacock (the Tower).

Those familiar with Tarot card meanings already know that each of these cards brings challenging but necessary messages, and serve as blessings to move our lives forward. The main lessons of these cards include surrender and letting go, embracing change, having faith, and dissolving our egoic mindsets.

Here are the interpretations of these Tarot cards:

0 - Columba the Dove brings new beginnings and asks us to have faith and trust life. Just like a child, the Dove is innocent, pure and has complete trust in the world. Columba was the dove Noah sent from his Ark after the Great Flood to see if there was any dry land left. The dove flew bravely into unknown territory and came back holding an olive branch - symbolizing that the hard times were over and land was literally on the horizon. Sometimes a little faith goes a long way - surrender, let go and see how high you can fly!

XIII - The Phoenix brings endings and transformations to make way for new beginnings. The need to release and go with the changes may be difficult, but know that the old is being cleared out to bring in new light, new opportunities and new growth. The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is born out of its own ashes and, once the time comes, is purified and transformed by fire as it bursts into flames. This cycle is infinite and is symbolic of the eternal birth, death and rebirth that occurs in everything.

XIV - Pavo the Peacock brings a shattering of false beliefs, ego structures and illusions. Like a lightning bolt, it shoots down from the sky and shows no mercy to the lies and delusions we have built for ourselves. This is often a blessing in disguise - it is painful as it happens, but once the shock is gone, you see the truth and look back at this moment many times in the future in gratitude for your liberation! Pavo was the beloved peacock of the Queen Goddess Hera in Greek Mythology. Suspecting that her husband Zeus was unfaithful to her, she had him watched by a Giant with a hundred eyes. Her suspicions proved to be true, but once Zeus discovered that he was being watched, he had the Giant killed. Distraught at the death of her servant, and furious after learning of yet another betrayal by her husband, she scattered the eyes of the Giant all over the tail of her peacock and placed him in the stars for his eternal memory.

Birds are beings of the sky. They are able to see from a higher perspective and bring us messages from above. When one of these cards comes up in a Tarot reading, think of what it could bring you in the grand scheme of life. You'll see the smaller details disappear, becoming insignificant, and a bigger picture will start to form. The purpose of these messages is to bring awareness - to reveal truth, to illuminate lies and to initiate transformation as a necessary part of life.