A Simple Way Get Wrinkles Out of Your Silk Cloth (Without an Iron or a Steamer)


Don't you hate it when you unfold your new silk cloth and see those sharp creases that go down the center?

Silk wrinkles easily, but it's also a delicate fabric that doesn't like rough handling. So even when you try to iron it out (on low heat), the creases can still persist.

Before you get frustrated and give up, here is a simple solution to get those stubborn wrinkles out!

All you'll need is..

a sink, a towel and a little patience.

New silk cloth with sharp creases from the folding and packaging.

Let's Start

Let's get rid of those sharp folds on your silk cloth!

Get wrinkles out of silk easily - step 1


Fill a clean sink or small tub with cold water.

Get wrinkles out of silk easily - step 2


Take your silk cloth and soak it well. You'll notice the creases disappear immediately. Once fully soaked, do not wring or twist to remove the excess water. Just hold it up above the sink and let it drip a little.

Get wrinkles out of silk easily - step 3


Find a clean, flat surface that won't stain or damage from moisture. Lay a clean towel down on it.

Get wrinkles out of silk easily - step 4


Place your wet cloth on the towel. Make sure to arrange it so that it's flat, otherwise it will dry with little wrinkles. Wait about 20 minutes for the silk to dry.

Get wrinkles out of silk easily - step 5


Wrinkles are gone. Now if you want a totally smooth effect, you can go over the cloth with an iron on low / silk setting.


Now you don't have to worry about having your silk cloth look flawless without an iron nearby. This way there is absolutely no potential heat damage, and no equipment necessary.