Creating the Perfect Environment for a Tarot Reading

Silk Tarot Altar Cloth for your Tarot Card Reading - Try a Free Online Tarot Card Reading with the Game Ask the Cards!

How do you prepare for a Tarot reading?

Most intuitive work benefits from a quiet, beautiful environment that lets you connect to your inner guidance and the tools in front of you. Candles, essential oils, crystals, and a variety of other elements can help create a space of harmony and concentration.

Tarot cards or Oracle cards are traditionally laid out on a cloth when performing a reading. Various materials can be used, one of the most popular choices being natural silk. Silk has a pleasant feel, it is light and breezy, and delicately responds to air movement. Sometimes a card deck is also wrapped and stored in a silk cloth. This can be done for esthetic or energetic reasons, or simply as a personal preference.


Stars now come in silk.

If you are familiar with the Constellation Tarot deck, you know it as a colourful mix of stars and lights of the night sky. Inspired by my customers' love for the look and energy of the cards, I created a silk altar cloth to visually match the deck. This resulted in a blue and purple swirl of stars known as the Cosmic Ocean Tarot Cloth.

The cloth features a painting of the universe, printed on smooth silk, with a slight natural sheen that plays beautifully with the lights and darks of the painted sky. The altar cloth is slightly larger in size, which makes it perfect for working with spreads, and can be used for wrapping and storing Tarot cards.

Immerse yourself in an ocean of stars as you connect to your inner truth and wisdom.